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Witcher's Brew and their Amazing E Juice

Witcher's Brew E Juice at Elevated Vaping

Witcher's Brew: Top Notch E Juice Line

Witcher's Brew has been one of the best e juice lines for over two years now. We were amazed when we first tried this e juice and we knew that we had to have this juice on our site.This juice line stood out like no other flavors we had (and still have) ever tried. Elevated Vaping was a brand new website and we wanted to have the most top quality products available and that is exactly what Witcher's Brew was then and remains to be now. Their beautiful labeling, amazingly fresh and unique e juice flavors, and their overall presentation was something we knew we had to have.

Witcher's Brew Back Story

Witcher's Brew was started by our very good friends in the vape community: Jourele Macalino, Harold Fong, Jolly Ordonez, and Dennis Dy. These guys were very much frustrated with finding flavors that they could vape all day. We've all been there, right? There's just nothing you can find that entices your palette, or nothing is strong enough for you to enjoy. Well, that was the issue here and instead of looking for other flavors, they decided to make their own. Thus, Witcher's Brew was born.

Witcher's Brew has created the ultimate in robust flavors. These flavors focus on fine scotch, aromatic dessert flavors, and sweet tobacco that you will truly enjoy. I can't stress enough that these flavors are extremely complex and beautifully mastered. You won't be disappointed in all of these flavors.

Witcher's Brew Flavor Profiles

Since we are speaking of this truly great line, I want to talk about their flavor profiles so you can get a good idea of what each of these amazing flavors taste like.

Level One Elixir: This amazing peachy dream is unlike any other peach dream you have ever tried. Swirls of creamy peach, hints of butterscotch or caramel, undertones of honey, and hints of mystery all combine to create an all day vape for sure.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our reviewers have to say about this amazing e juice flavors: "The sweetness is not overbearing, very balance in every way i'd say. Not too desserty, not too fruity and the sweetness is spot on a perfect balance..." There is much more that has been said about this fantastic flavor and you honestly won't be disappointed in this flavor profile.

Blackbird: Blackbird is enjoyed like a fine bottle of scotch. Amazing buttery undertones, a hint of creaminess, and purely delectable and deep flavors will be your all day vape. This e juice is one for the record books and can be vaped day in and day out.  

Here are some awesome reviews about Blackbird by Witcher's Brew: "I just received this today and I have to say it is too good. I can't put it down they did an awesome job with this. I look forward to trying the other Witcher's Brew!"

Devil's Cut: Devil's Cut by Witcher's Brew is a fantastic tobacco flavor that is robust and perfectly blended. I tell a lot of vapers who are just quitting to try Devil's Cut because it reminisces with sweet tobacco flavors but isn't too powerful enough to want to smoke again.

Here is what our reviewers are saying: "I really enjoyed this vape. If you like sweet tobacco flavors you'll really like this one. With it's notes of whiskey this is a perfect vape to enjoy with a nice scotch or bourbon."

Moondust: Moondust by Witcher's Brew is the newest flavor to be added to this incredible line. Savory cream, light citrus, and fine bourbon are the main profiles of this e juice flavor. If you love something light, and a little sinful, you will vape this e juice day in and day out.

People love this flavor! Here's what they're saying: "Can't recommend this enough, can't quite put my finger on the flavor, but it's great."

So Basically...

Witcher's Brew has proven to be one of our most sturdy e liquid flavor line in the history of our site. These flavors have some incredible reviews and we are proud to have this e juice on our website. You won't be able to put these e juice flavors down and will most definitely be your all day vape. Get on Witcher's Brew! You won't be disappointed!

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