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  • The Incredible Fro Yo by Nick's Blissful Brews
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The Incredible Fro Yo by Nick's Blissful Brews

Fro Yo by Nick's Blissful Brews... Amazing!!

You've heard the hype, and maybe you've wondered, "Another yogurt e juice?" Well, this is something you won't regret. I can promise you that. Fro Yo by Nick's Blissful Brews is the next big thing. This e juice is a wonderfully blended concotion that takes you right back to your childhood.


A Little Back Story on Nick's Blissful Brews

Nick from Nick's Blissful Brews is a good friend of ours. He has a great sense of humor and is a wonderful guy. We thought his story of trying to quit cigarettes, and then creating an empire on that story, is inspirational; so here it is. He tried to quit back in 2012 via his girlfriend. She truly wanted him to quit, as did he and yet, nothing. The cig alikes weren't working and he went back to smoking. Six months later, his girlfriend reminded him that he needed to quit. He started using starter kits and yet, none of the flavors satisfied his cravings, however he knew there was promise in this industry. And thus, this is how Nick's Blissful Brews was born.


Fro Yo; an epic Frozen Yogurt E Juice

Before Fro-Yo was launched, we were able to try it out on our end. I was so blown away I needed a 120ml bottle for myself stat. For me, I find yogurt to be a difficult flavor to craft and yet there are so many flavors out there that now have yogurt essences. It is hard to find flavors that expertly hit this flavor base on the head in a mastered and balanced way, and yet here we are with Fro-Yo. A great fruity blend with tart and sweet balances in an all too perfect way. I honestly polished off a 120ml in about a week and a half.


So What is Fro-Yo all about?

You know it has frozen yogurt, but what else is Fro-Yo by Nick's Blissful Brews all about? Well, Fro-Yo is a frozen yogurt blend with berry undertones and tartly sweet and juicy peaches. The primary notes in this e liquid is blueberry and blackberry with subtle hints of peach enough to create wondrous tones of a perfectly balanced flavor. This e liquid is a warming and bright flavor all at the same time. If you love frozen yogurt, this e juice will more than likely be your all day vape.

  • All Day VapeBerriesE JuiceFro YoFrozen YogurtNick's Blissful BrewsPeach

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