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  • Starship 1 by Space Jam Juice is Back!!
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Starship 1 by Space Jam Juice is Back!!

Starship 1 at Elevated Vaping

Everyone Get Excited... Starship 1 is Back!!

Space Jam Juice is obviously known for their incredible juice flavors that have been crafted. From the very beginning, Space Jam has been known for their intricacies and their original flavors. It really is no surprise that when Starship 1 was pulled for refinement, people got truly upset. But we knew the truth; the incredible Starship 1 would be back one day and now it is. It is back with a bang.

Starship 1 Flavor Profile

So what is the gist with Starship 1? Do any of you remember the incredible flavor that this flavor used to be? Well, guess what? The flavor is a better new and improved e juice flavor than ever before! Mixtures of amazingly naturally sweet kiwi combines with sweet and greatly blended custard to create the ultimate classic that you know and love.

Can you say flashback??


What I love about this e juice is the great taste of kiwi. I absolutely adore kiwi and this e juice is one of the best e juice flavors I have ever tried! Kiwi is a hard flavor to nail down and yet Starship was and always is the best kiwi out there. What's even better? This e juice has some of the best custards in the business mixed with this delectable fruit. This e juice is fresh and delectable; sweet but savory, and ultimately the best all day vape for newbs and veterans alike.


Why Starship 1 needs to be in your Rotation

The thing I adore about Starship 1 by Space Jam is it is an incredibly intricate and yet simple e juice that doesn't get stale. Why is this you ask? Starship1 is a type of juice that focuses on the simplicity of sweet and savory. This e juice is never too sweet and amazingly subtle. Each vape at different wattage creates a different flavor on your palette. This e juice goes great in a tank and is also fantastic dripped. Oh and by the way, this e juice is amazing. Did we mention that? Yeah, I guess we did!


  • AndromedaAstroEclipseSpace Jam E JuiceStarship 1

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