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Activists and Big Tobacco... On the Same Side?

The Vaping Battle Against Propaganda

We all know that practically every state and city is struggling with their own form of legislation that is starting to ban, set extremely high taxes, or causing vape shops to jump through hoops just to stay in business. It has turned into a huge problem for everyone around the country. There is obviously the statement that Big Tobacco is behind these legislations, and that makes a lot of sense. But what about the true advocates that believe (whether it is right, wrong, or indifferent) that vaping leads to the use of cigarettes for both the younger generation and others?


Well, this video that I found on learnliberty.org (an unbiased website based on truth) has a great explanation of what is going on and is definitely a MUST watch! As stated in this video, the vaping community is politically stuck in the "Bootleggers and Baptists Phenomenon," where advocates are in the end, advocating big tobacco; the one entity that they want to dismantle.


So, once again, here is the video and it is truly worth the watch. It is short, quick to the point, and explains this tumultuous relationship in the most simple and enlightening way possible. If you've been confused, annoyed, and frustrated this video will shine a light on what's going on. We need to share this around and show people the truth of what their actions are really doing. Watch this video below!!



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