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Spotlight on Nice Juice Co

Nice Juice Co. at Elevated Vaping

Nice Juice Co. a Voice for the Vaping Community

Nice Juice Co. has created the ultimate creations with their amazing line. What I love about this Nice Juice is the way that they have transformed themselves into vaping masters by adapting and changing throughout their years of being in business.

What originally started as an e juice line in 2012 that encompassed  the original cereal flavors, Nice Juice has now evolved years later. Still, they have Young Berry Crunch, but they also have Apple Fritz and Nana's Bread that encompass all that is a great and luscious dessert vape.

Like I said earlier, Nice Juice consistently evolves and re-imagines their line and breathes life into it daily. They understand that in a sense, if you don't adapt in this industry, your shelf life will expire. In the years that I have had the pleasure of working with the creators of Nice Juice, I am consistently blown away by their extreme professionalism via: marketing, sales, and artwork, amazingly crafted e juice, and great customer service.

A Noble Juice Line in the Vaping Industry

What do I love most about Nice Juice Co.? Their dedication to this community. Throughout their years of watching this industry evolve they have stood in strong support of it for years as a time. Now, as the industry expands and comes across some turmoil in all of the states, Nice Juice has consistently prevailed: supporting our friends at SAFATA, Not Blowing Smoke, and continuing to support vaping via attending voting sessions in Sacramento by voicing the truth about our community.

Nice Juice Co. Flavor Profiles

After going through the amazing feats of their dedication to our community, I thought it would be nice to highlight their flavor profiles to let you all know what great flavors they offer to our community that you can vape for yourself all day.

Young Berry Crunch is the original cereal flavor that blew the minds of many. Young Berry is true blue Captain Crunch with an on point rendition. What makes this flavor so exceptional is not only are the sweet, crunchy fruit flavors exceptional but there is even that all to known hint of light lemon in every cloud. It creates the all day vape that isn't too sweet and perfectly balanced.

Nana's Bread is a delicious crunchy banana nut bread  that brings you back to your child hood. This banana nut bread isn't only artificial banana flavors that a lot of these flavors you have tried. This banana nut bread is the ultimate of banana nut breads. Nothing short of it. There's no added concepts, just pure banana bread and it is amazing.

Apple Fritz is a wonderful apple fritter. It is a warming e liquid that reminds us of the apple pie from McDonald's. The crust is perfectly golden, the filling is thick with brown sugar and soft apples, and it is most definitely an all day vape. What we love about this e liquid is it isn't too sweet and too spicy via the hints of cinnamon. Get ready for a winner, folks.

So if you haven't tried Nice Juice yet, you really should

I lastly wanted to say that it is a great honor to have Nice Juice as a part of our vape family. Throughout the years of working in this industry, it is hard to find another so impeccably loyal to our cause and still producing a great product nonetheless.

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