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New E Juice Arrival... Happy Buddha is Here!!


All New E Juice Happy Buddha!!

Happy Buddha is the award winning e juice line from Vape Summit III originating from beautiful Orlando, Florida. These amazing juice makers have created some of the best liquid we have had the pleasure to try.

Why is Happy Buddha E Liquid amazing??

There are plenty of awards that are given throughout Vape Summit, all of which are very difficult to obtain. What is truly remarkable about Happy Buddha is their chance to obtain the award of "Best Chocolate," for their incredible flavor, Munchies and win. What makes "Best Chocolate" so difficult? The name in itself. Chocolate is an exceptionally difficult flavor to craft. If you have tried a chocolate e liquid, or even if you haven't, you will know exactly what we're talking about that. Chocolate can seem harsh, chalky, and down-right weird. Not with Munchies, this flavor is amazingly blended and one of the best dessert vapes we have had the pleasure of trying; which we'll get into more later.


When we first met the owners of Happy Buddha, we were totally and completely impressed by the professionalism of their warehouse, customer service, and genuine nature. These guys are seriously the most incredible people we have met in the vape game. Like, really. They are so giving, understanding, and helpful in every single way. And, they make a mean e juice. Well, they wouldn't have won Best in Show for nothing, right?


Are you wondering about this e liquid line and thinking, "Well, what flavors do they have?" I'm about to answer all of your questions. The important thing? They're great.


Happy Buddha Flavors

I'm going to let you know now that you honestly can't go wrong with any of these amazing flavors, however if you're more of a dessert flavor lover, or a fruit flavor lover, this e juice line has an array for you. Here goes:

Munchies: Munchies is the Best in Show Winner at Vape Summit for, "Best Chocolate," in 2015 and for good reason because not only is this e juice complex but it is also perfectly crafted and delicious! It is sweetly, savory and takes me back right to my childhood with its' ooey gooey ness of fire roasted marshmallow. Peanut butter and s'more. Who could ask for more? 


Judo Chop: Judo Chop is a pure strawberry cream. Sure, you've tried a similar recipe, but nothing like this. Get ready to have your taste buds freak out; in the best way. Strawberry and cream are a lot harder to create than it sounds. Creams can be difficult and have different after tastes; however Judo Chop has been perfected. Fresh, juicy strawberries and whipped cream combine to create an out of this world dessert vape that is also a wonderful fruit vape. Either way, it is an all day vape and is so worth it! 


Monkey King: is a wonderful banana moon pie! This is one of the best banana vapes we have tried; a truly mastered creation. That marshmallow cream that swirls with every bite of a moon pie, is on point with this flavor. If you're looking for a light and dreamy dessert vape for your rotation, look no further. 


Cloud 9: Cloud 9 is a wonderful fruit vape that will refresh your senses. Juicy watermelon will tantalize your taste buds and a sweetly cooling menthol back will keep you guessing all day. If you're looking for a sweet yet exhilarating e juice flavor on a hot summer day, you've got it here with Cloud 9. Get ready to be completely blown away! 


Well there you have it folks. You now know all that is Happy Buddha. We can't stress enough that this e juice line encompasses the ultimate excellence in your vaping experience. If you haven't had the pleasure to try this e juice, you definitely should. You will be more than pleased with this entire line. 


You can get Happy Buddha with FREE domestic shipping whenever! If you have tried this epic juice line and are as excited as we are about it, leave a review on our product pages! 


  • Best In ShowHappy BuddhaMunchiesVape Summit

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