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Fourth of July E Juice Sale!!

4th of July Sale at Elevated Vaping

We've got an amazing e juice sale here at Elevated Vaping going on all weekend to celebrate my personal favorite holiday, the 4th of July!! I am a huge fan of the 4th of July: the family and friends, the commrodory, the food (the alcohol), and of course the honoring of our country and those who have fallen. The best part? The way we celebrate. What's better than fireworks all over the country in the dark? Really, nothing. But what's the problem that I am finding this year? What to vape on this amazing summer holiday! With this amazing 4th of July sale, we've really got nothing for you to worry about because you can get whatever e juice we carry on our site at 20% off with discount code: 4thSale


My Summertime Vape List

Well, if you're wondering what flavors to choose, I have put together a 4th of July sale list for you on this hot, summer holiday; and really the best summertime all day vapes on our site! You can pick these flavors up with our great discount now until Monday! So here's the scoop:

Lana by Pinup Vapors: Lana is a superbly unique tropical oasis of flavors. We can't put our finger on this flavor profile exactly, but one thing I do have to say is this e juice is softly sweet and sour all at once in the most balanced way. It will be great in the summer heat when you're dripping this juice. PG/VG Ratio: 95/5

Handlebar by Must Vape: Handlebar has always been one of our favorite fruit vapes. This peach pineapple margarita is a light and bright blended vape that fits perfectly well with a barbeque and an ice cold drink. What we love about Handlebar here is it isn't too sweet or harsh when it comes to the peaches and pineapple. Both of those flavors have a tendency to get to sweet when vaping, but not with Handlebar. This fruit vape is exceptionally smooth. PG/VG Ratio: 70/30

Astro by Space Jam Robo Fuel: We love Astro; as it was one of our favorite flavors from the beginning of our time in the vape game. Green apples, strawberries, and juicy peaches all blend equally to create an amazing and unique fruit flavor. This e juice isn't too sweet, nor too sour and yet wonderful to vape day in, day out.

There you have it, friends. Remember, our 20% off on our entire e juice collection with discount code: 4thSale is live until the 5th of July! There's my top personal three favorite summertime vapes for my favorite holiday! Make sure to enjoy yourselves, be safe, and please don't drink and drive!

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