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  • Pinup Vapors... the Ultimate Cloud Blowing Juice Line!
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Pinup Vapors... the Ultimate Cloud Blowing Juice Line!

Pinup Vapors... A Cloud Blowing Force to be Reckoned With!

Pinup Vapors has always held a special place in my heart since first trying them in early, 2014. I loved the logos of Pinup Vapors; the beautiful, tasteful models placed uniquely on the bottles, the amazing clouds generated from their e liquid, and the flavors... oh my goodness, the flavors. I decided to vape all week the Pinup Vapor line and give you all my side of what I love so much about each one today. If you have any opinions on these flavors, please feel free to comment on what Pinup Vapor flavor is your favorite and why. 

Pinup Vapors Flavor Profiles 

Betty by Pinup Vapors is an e liquid I can't quite put my finger on, and yet, I love it that way. Betty is a mysterious fruit blended vape that is tart, sweet, a teeny bit sour, and yet impeccably balanced and smooth. Betty blows huge clouds (no pun intended I swear) and creates a wonderful flavor at a 75/25 PG/VG ratio. Betty is one of the most popular dripping flavors  we have on our site, and for good reason. With changing builds on your RDA, Betty changes flavors; which is truly a masterous feat. There's always something different with this e liquid; thus why I love it so much! 


Lana by Pinup Vapors is a sweet and sour concoction at a highly maximized PG/VG ratio at: 95/5. What I love about Lana, as it is one of my favorite dripping e juices, is the fact that the tropical flavors blend perfectly with the sour undertones and not in a harsh way. Lana may have a touch of sour notes, however this does not topple the rest of the balance of flavors. This is a difficult thing to do considering how long it takes to master any e juice flavor, let alone a sour dripping e juice. Pretty amazing, I would say. 


Marilyn by Pinup Vapors is one of the best dessert vapes we have tried in our days! Caramel, undertones of toffee and sweet cream all balance exceptionally well to create a mind blowing/dripping dessert vape with a PG/VG ratio of 75/25. This e liquid is perfectly sweet, blended, and crafted with undertones of mystery. Marilyn is unlike any other caramel blended e liquid that you have tried. It reminds us almost of a butterscotch/caramel ice cream that you don't want to finish because it is that good. 


Sophia by Pinup Vapors is a citrus tropical blend with hints of lime. This summertime vape is a perfect blend for a hot day when you are melting in the sun. Citrus undertones with tropical fruits and melons pairs great with the hints of lime that you get on every inhale in the back. Sophia is another cloud blowing e liquid with a PG/VG ratio at: 85/15. Get ready to blow the best clouds with one of the best tropical e liquid flavors out there! 


Victoria by Pinup Vapors is a melon e juice unlike any other flavor you have tried. Cantaloupe and honey dew mix with vanilla and creamy taffy to combine a melon based candy that will make your mouth water all day, every day. This e liquid is exceptional because these melon e liquid flavors aren't just combined with cream, like you see with many other e liquids. Victoria blends cream and taffy to create a wonderful all day vape.  


So if you've been wondering, there's all you need to know about Pinup Vapors. Moral of story, their flavors are DELICIOUS!! 

  • All Day VapeBettyDripping E JuiceLanaMarilynMaximum PGPinup VaporsSophiaVictoria

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