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New E Liquid on Elevated Vaping!

Dewwy Boba and D'oh Nuts at Elevated Vaping

We've got a lot of New E Liquid Guys!

So I'm a big e juice fan. I honestly enjoy trying all of the flavors that we get sent by vendors. The other thing to note is I am very picky as well when trying e liquid. I think that's a plus when you come to our site because our tastes show in the e juice lines we carry. We aren't ones to sell e liquid we wouldn't vape and we also hand type all of the descriptions of each liquid after we've tried them. Once again, another reason why we're unique, I feel. Not trying to boast, but there's a lot of liquids we sell and I go through, try them, and write the descriptions. It's a daunting task but definitely worth it when writing honest descriptions about the products we sell.


With that being said, I have been a busy bee with the flavors that we just launched on Elevated Vaping. To be honest, there's a lot of amazing flavors being added that are all game changers. We're really excited about all of them!!


So you're probably asking yourself, "Ok, Taylor, well then where the hell are the lists?" Don't worry my friends, I've got you covered. I will go through each, yes each, new line added and give maybe one or two examples of flavors with links provided for the easiest access to the flavors. Here goes!


Dewwy Boba by Jazzy Boba E Liquid

Dewwy Boba is the enticing milk tea that we know and love from the Jazzy Boba creation with an added honey dew essence. There isn't any jasmine in this magnificent e liquid, however have no fear, it is literally just as good. Before I even tried Dewwy Boba I knew that it would be as good as imagined. In all honesty, I was blown away much more than expected, which was already high. 


Brewell Vapery


The amazing Brewell Vapery company has created two masterpieces: Mylk-Original and Mylk-Strawberry. If you follow us on Instagram at elevatedvaping, you know that we have literally lost our minds with these epic flavors. Condensed milk never tasted so good. I can honestly say that. I vape Mylk-Strawberry on a daily and it never gets stale or old. It's a superb blend. 


I Love Donuts by Mad Hatter 

I Love Donuts launched very recently and boy are they amazing! I find that the e liquids that have an amazing taste blow up the fastest, and I feel that with I Love Donuts that this is most definitely the case with I Love Donuts. Fresh baked donuts with a blueberry jelly filling and powdered sugar swirl together to create an out of this world vape. 


Pickled Brews E Liquid


The amazing Pickled Brews line is finally here at Elevated Vaping. The hype for the customized flavors that we know and love from our childhood including Baja Blast: a citrus pineapple blend of your favorite cactus soda. The other great flavor that we adore is Strawberry Blonde: a strawberry taffy from your favorite star with a burst candy, if you know what I mean. Yeah, you got it. Either way, the entire line of Pickled Brews is a great addition to your rotation. 


D'ohnuts by D'ohnuts E Liquid

D'ohnuts by D'ohnuts E Liquid is a super tasty doughnut e liquid. Powdered sugar, fresh baked donuts, strawberry jam filling all dipped in sweet milk creates a wonderful dessert vape. Like D'ohnuts E Liquid even says, "Doughnuts are the new cereal," I tend to agree. 


So Basically....

All of the lines I just listed are incredible and you really can't go wrong. Throw a suction cup dart at the computer and go from there. Oh and lastly, don't forget that we have FREE domestic shipping on all orders and $7.00 for international shipping for orders over $75.00! You're very welcome. 







  • BrewellBrewell VaperyD'oughnutsDewwy BobaI Love DonutsJazzy BobaMylk-OriginalMylk-StrawberryNew JuicePickled Brews

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