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  • King's Crest and Duchess Reserve #WINNING
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King's Crest and Duchess Reserve #WINNING

Duchess Reserve by King's Crest at Elevated Vaping

Duchess Reserve at Vape Summit

It was an exciting weekend for me at Vape Summit IV with my great friends from King's Crest. To start, it is always exciting to go to a vaping convention and see all of the friends you haven't seen for weeks and months, but secondly, there was something stirring in the air. King's Crest had launched a new flavor and word was spreading like wild fire. What is the newest flavor, you ask? Duchess Reserve; the award winning flavor with added goodies and treats in a bottle and it is UN-FREAKING believable! Things were about to go down, in the most amazing of ways on the last day of Vape Summit. 


It was a weird thing to be a part of and almost moving emotionally. After years of working in the industry as employees, the owners of King's Crest E-Liquid had made a boom in the industry a year ago with their line at Vape Summit II in Houston by winning Best in Show overall with their line. From that point on, they had literally rocked the vaping community with their success and excellent flavors. Since then, and even before that, they have always been the most humble people in the world to be friends with and work with. Their success has never shaken them and they are always so genuine to everyone they meet. What happened next at Vape Summit IV was an incredible experience for me to witness and so humbling. 


So what happened? I guess I am teasing a little bit, but the last day of Vape Summit King's Crest E-Liquid won AGAIN for Custards and Creams (one of the most coveted and difficult flavor awards to win). When you think about this award and what it means, it is amazing to think how much accomplishment that really is. First of all, they won a year ago, in Houston, for Overall Best in Show. A year later, at the same city, they win it again for Custards and Creams. The thing about custards and creams is that anything with the base of vanilla, custard, etc. is thrown into that category. This line was going up against other great e liquids and still pulled it out for the win.


When the award was announced, I jumped and screamed like a little school girl. It was such a humbling experience to see these owners do so well time after time and for just reasons. What's even better than all of that? Duchess Reserve is live on Elevated Vaping! We can't even tell you how excited we are and how excited you will be when you try it. Duchess Reserve: it really is that amazing. 

  • Award WinningDuchessDuchess ReserveKing's CrestVape Summit

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