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Generation Vapers at Elevated Vaping

Generation Vapers; Setting the Trend

There are so many reasons that today’s generation has chosen to vape, but why’s it so widely popular among them? Could it be that growing up with so many ads that condemned smoking cigarettes pushed this generation to find a better alternative to smoking? No matter how you look at it, Generation V is here to stay with vast knowledge and fun ideals.

With so many options out there, from beginner e-cigarettes, to vape pens, to self-regulated MODs, all the way up to customizable MOD builds, there’s a better understanding for how certain principles apply to producing a unique vaping experience. This generation has chosen to dive into the specifics of how a unit works and the principles behind each device. It’s no wonder vaping has spread like wildfire.

These standards behind how exactly a MOD works for example are now taught and understood with basic principles taught in science classes across the world. Comprehension of Ohm's, Amps, and how the resistance of coils relates, gives today’s vapers an array of options that far exceed that of just "lighting up". Single coil vs. duel coils, the gauge and wraps of each coil, and how Amps and Ohm's correlate in not only generating that cloud that’s so sought after, but the maximum flavor production one desires. How a lot of MODs are different, so is each person’s palate for how crisp and clean they feel their e-liquid is and how they get their desired taste.

Let's not forget the plethora of information that’s at our fingertips. Since, growing up in this technological age of research, this generation has the power to type a couple of words relating to their interests and find a wealth of knowledge relating to their search. They can find written directions, blogs, video blogs and ways to spark ones imagination on how they can make their experience the most pleasurable one. 

For the cynics out there, let's not forget that this generation isn’t lost in a world of URL's and video conferencing. Vaping has also opened up a social aspect that has gotten people out there experiencing what others have to offer and what their standards are. With specialty bars opening much like cigar bars of the past, people are gathering here and across the globe to discuss and show off their abilities related to vaping. 

I guess the only question that this generation faces is to build or not to build!

  • BuildsModsToday's TechnologyVapersVaping Generation

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  • Dec 15, 2015

    I’m so glad that vaping is becoming the “cool” thing to do instead of smoking. I started smoking as a teenager because other kids were doing it. If other kids were vaping I definitely would have done that over smoking analoges.

    — Vaping Insider

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