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Vaping Cost Effectiveness in the Workplace

Vaping in the Work Place at Elevated Vaping

Vaping in the Work Place... Good or Bad?

Vaping is the better alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. It helps prevent some of the safety risks that are associated with smoking cigarettes. As organizations seek new ways to motivate their employees, the issue of vaping has arisen. They’re subjected to a dilemma of whether to allow their employees to vape in the workplace or not.


Benefits to Allowing a Vaping Atmosphere in the Work Place

One of the benefits of vaping in the workplace is that it reduces sicknesses that’re associated with smoking. This means that the company can save on healthcare costs it would’ve incurred when employees acquired sicknesses associated with cigarette smoking. Also, it avoids losses that would be incurred if their employees took sick leaves.

Allowing vaping into the workplace is beneficial in that it saves on office cleaning costs. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarette smoking, vaping has no littering. Therefore, a company can cut down on cleaning costs by letting their employees’ vape in the business premises.

When employees are allowed to vape in the workplace, they’re likely to be more productive. Besides, most e-liquids contain nicotine which can help boost energy levels so that employees can do more in a shorter period of time. Also, it increases their concentration, meaning that less time’s wasted. Additionally, employees will spend more time on tasks assigned to them rather than sneak around in order to go smoke a cigarette. 

Another reason why employers should allow vaping in the workplace is that it boosts employee’s morale. This means that employees’ feels appreciated as well as feel they’re part of the company. Therefore, they’re able to work diligently and carry out their tasks as if the company was their own.

By allowing vaping in the workplace, a company can save costs associated in new recruitment. Discouraging or banning vaping in the workplace may make employees quit their job in search of companies that will allow them to vape at work. If this happens, the company may lose highly talented and skilled workers. Also, it’ll have to incur high costs of replacing such talent. This means spending a lot in recruiting and even training the new employees.

A company will witness many benefits if it decides to allow its employees to vape in the workplace. However, a policy with clear guidelines on vaping needs to be established. This should guide the employees on the hours to vape and such so that it doesn’t affect work hours. Also, it should have a guideline for where vaping should be done. This is in consideration of other employees in the organization who don’t vape and aren’t comfortable being around vapers
  • benefitsCost Effectivecost effectivenessemployeesVapingWork Place

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  • Jan 20, 2016
    I couldn’t agree more with Vaping in the work place being a great thing. Unlike traditional cigarette smoke, lets be honest it stinks! Unlike Vaping that has a pleasant aroma that doesn’t offend your co workers. In many cases most compliment the smell, plus there is no second hand contamination amongst your piers. This can be considered a luxury in most work environments , nevertheless with stress levels in the work place these days it may need to be considered a necessity.

    No need to be irate just Vape and concentrate!…lol.

    — Kristofer

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