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  • Quick Tips When Dealing with the Trash-Talking Anti-Vaping Crowd
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Quick Tips When Dealing with the Trash-Talking Anti-Vaping Crowd

Anti-Vaping Crowds... Let the Negativity Begin

You’ve switched to vaping and you already are well aware of all the ways that it has changed your life. However, there are always those nay-sayers who want to trash talk something they really know very little about. When you’ve laid down traditional cigarette smoking and picked up a better choice like vaping, you want to share it with the world. So how do you deal with these negative nellies who want to rain on your parade?

Here are some tips on dealing with the anti-vaping world.

Tip #1: Always Tell the Truth
When they start spewing venom about how the “health risks are not yet known because it is too new”, simply tell them the truth. Yes, it’s new and there are many things unknown. However, it’s well-known that all of the carcinogenic that’re found in cigarettes aren’t in electronic cigarettes. So, they have to be a better alternative for my lifestyle.

Tip #2: Use Your Experience to Drive Your Point
Remind those people that just because it doesn’t work for them don’t mean it hasn’t done great things for others. For example, you could tell them how much better you’re breathing and how your clothes smell better. There are many good things that vaping can do, so be sure to bring out those qualities.

Tip #3: The Cost Cutting Option
So many people look at the prices on a starter kit and then they say that it’s an expensive option. It does cost money to start up essentially, but you need to remind people that those who smoke 1-2 packs per day at $5.00 - $8.00 a pack can invest up to $70 - $90 a week in smoking, or close to $4,000 a year. That’s more any person who vapes will spend. Once you’ve the starter kit you just need to buy your e-juice. It’s a much more economical way to get that nicotine fix in the long run.

Final Tip: Don’t Let People Bully You with Lies
There are so many fallacies out there, that if you don’t be careful, you’ll allow people to persuade your beliefs. Many try to say that electronic cigarettes are just a way for smoking to get back into public establishments. Just remind them that it doesn’t really hurt anyone, including the person vaping. It shouldn’t matter if they’re allowed or not, as long as no one is harmed. Traditional cigarettes create a strong smoke smell and as we all know can be dangerous; this isn’t the case with vaping.

It’s hard to deal with those people who want to be negative when most of them probably haven’t tried an electronic cigarette for themselves. So many people have tried to quit smoking and have always gone back because they craved the nicotine. Vaping has helped thousands of people, and the longer it’s around, the more that we know about its positive benefits.

  • cost cuttinge-liquidelectronic cigarettesexperiencenot blowing smoketelling the truthtrash-talkersvaping

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