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  • Your Overall Vaping Experience at Higher Altitudes
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Your Overall Vaping Experience at Higher Altitudes

Vaping at Higher Altitudes... Does it Make a Difference? 

Getting away for a weekend or so is how we rejuvenate. If you’re an avid vaper, then you may wonder how a high-altitude location might affect your vaping experience. Remember, when cooking at higher altitudes, you often have to adjust the water, and various other elements to get the same affect. The air is thinner, and the oxygen is less the higher you go. It makes no sense to some people, but this can absolutely affect your vaping. Affecting doesn’t mean that it still cannot be done though.

As an avid vaper, you probably pack your MOD, batteries, charger and numerous tanks. You also have your bottles of e-liquids handy to refill your tanks. Many have reported that being at such a high altitude and having lower pressure causes their tanks to leak. To avoid any problems like this, drain the tanks before you go. Then you won’t have a wasted product to deal with. It’s not free after all.


In test runs, some did better than others. The Kanger Protanks, which’re known for their bottom feeding wicks, and the Kanger T3’s lost almost every drop of e-juice they had in them. The Vivi Novas only lost about half, but it’s still half of a tank of e-liquid wasted for no reason. The Spheroid is the only unit that markets and claims to be leak-proof in these high-altitude situations.

Even on plane rides, people are complaining about the bottles of e-liquid leaking. Remember, a plane storage area isn’t pressurized like the cabin of the plane. When traveling with vaping gear, it’s important to make sure to keep things in a plastic bag to absorb any leaking that might occur.


So you know that high altitudes affect your vaping equipment, but how does it affect the overall vaping experience? Many say it’s hard to get a good puff in while at higher altitudes. Some say it feels weird and just off. When you get to destinations above 10,000 feet, there’s 30% less available oxygen to breathe. This will affect how you vape too. What’s a person to do when they crave those nicotine vapers but just can’t seem to get a good puff?

There’s absolutely no danger in vaping at higher elevations. While it may not feel the same and there are some variations on how much of a draw you can get from your device, you most certainly can still vape away. The experience could be slightly altered, but by taking the proper precautions, it’s possible to vape at whatever altitude you at.

  • devicese-liquidshigh altitudeshigher altitudesvape lifevapingvaping devices

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  • Jan 22, 2016

    I went skiing recently and my eliquid leaked in my jacket at around 9,000 feet. The pressure definitely makes a difference.

    — Josh

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