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  • New Grape REDS and Grape REDS Iced Ejuice
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New Grape REDS and Grape REDS Iced Ejuice

Introducing the New Grape Reds Ejuice and Grape Reds Iced Ejuice

7 Daze Manufacturing is known for using high-quality ingredients and unique and tasty flavor eliquid combinations. Following the success of their Reds Apple ejuice and Reds Apple Iced juice flavor, 7 Daze has released Grape Reds juice and Grape Reds Iced juice.
The new Grape Reds ejuice flavor takes a sweet and fresh red apple and combines it with a wonderfully tasty grape to create a delicious fruity blend. Taking it one step further, 7 Daze has also released a Grape Reds Iced eliquid. The iced variation adds a slightly cool and icy flavor to the already amazing apple and grape combination.

Reds Apple Ejuice or Reds Apple Iced Ejuice? Try Both!

If for some reason you haven't tried the amazing original Reds Apple ejuice yet, definitely put it on your list to vape next. 7 Daze took the classic boxed apple juice taste that we all know and love and converted it into the perfect all day vape. On top of that, they also created Reds Apple Iced ejuice. This version mixes in a refreshing chill and iced exhale to satisfy those menthol and fruit fans.

A Free Unicorn Bottle in Every Box

An awesome perk that comes with every box of Reds eliquid is the empty unicorn bottle in addition to the 60ml glass dropper bottle. This makes taking your favorite Reds Apple ejuice flavor on the go super easy!
Each of the four flavors is crafted and bottled in Los Angeles and are available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Check them out on the Reds Apple Ejuice page!
  • Chris Innes
  • 7 Daze7DazeGrape RedsGrape Reds IcedIced RedsReds

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