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    Vaping Blogs

    Great vaping doesn’t come naturally, that’s why we put together a vaping blog that helps you learn the ins and outs of getting a better vape session. Vaping is a fast, easy way to get your nic fix, but you can always learn more. From the hottest new equipment to how to choose the right juice, we cover the topics you need to know.

    Great Advice, Every Time

    Whether you’re looking for how-tos or product reviews, our vaping blog is the hookup you want to keep you current in the vaping lifestyle. Sure, it’s a hobby for some. That’s not you. Convenience store pens just don’t cut it, so you need info on the new mods as soon as they come out, that way you know you’re getting the most vape for your buck.

    The News That Affects Your Vaping

    Vaping is your way of living your life, but you know that freedom isn’t always popular. When issues arise that might affect the world of vape, your access to vaping materials, or where you can vape in peace, we’ll cover them. That way you know what’s happening, who’s doing it, and how you can take action to protect your passion.

    We Deliver The Best

    You already trust us to have the hottest gear and the best juice, so you can count on us to deliver the best vaping blog. Keep an eye out for the posts that help you vape better with your vaping equipment and supplies from Elevated Vaping.

    Space Jam 30ml OVERSTOCK!!!

    Space Jam 30ml OVERSTOCK!!!

    Space Jam 30ml Overstock

    What’s up, ladies and gentlemen?  We wanted to write this blog post to keep you informed of our latest update over here at Elevated.  A lot of our customers have been loyal fans of Space Jam’s 50/50 blend e-liquids for years, and if you consider yourself a fan…this update is for you.  

    We have good news and bad news, so let’s get to it:

    BAD NEWSSpace Jam has discontinued all 50/50 Original Blend e-liquid as of 9/11/18.  This means that from now on, they will only be manufacturing their High VG e-liquid in both 30ml and 60ml bottles.  They still have all of their original flavors (Eclipse, Astro, Andromeda, Pluto and more) but going forward, they’ll be available in High VG only.   

    GREAT NEWS:  Space Jam gave us a heads up about this, so we stocked up.  We ordered hundreds of bottles of their last batch of 50/50 e-liquid and they’re all now in stock here.  We were able to secure bulk quantities of Eclipse, Astro and Andromeda mainly in 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg strengths.  Due to this overstock, and because we love you, we’re slashing the price of all remaining 30mls of Space Jam.  As of today, all Space Jam 30ml’s will be $16.99 each while supplies last

    MORE GREAT NEWS:  Do you want to stock yourself up with a large quantity of Space Jam 50/50 blend?  If you wish to purchase 10+ bottles of Space Jam, send an email to and we’ll set you up with a super kick-ass discount code to save you even more. 

    Questions?  Comments?  Concerns? 

    Hit us on Twitter @ElevatedVaping :)