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    How to properly prime your coil

    How to properly prime your coil

    How to properly prime your coil

    By properly priming your coil, you're going to improve the lifespan of your coil/pod while simultaneously improving your overall vaping experience.  Priming a coil is a very simple thing to simple, that many people tend to overlook the importance of it and end up paying the price a few days later.  

    A big difference between your coil lasting 2 days and 1-2 weeks is properly priming your coil.  It only takes a few minutes but can make a world of difference.

    Here's how you do it: 

    Step 1:  If applicable, close your airflow ports (*sub-ohm style tanks only)

    Step 2:  Open your tank or cartridge's fill port

    Step 3:  Fill the entire tank or cartridge and close the fill port

    Step 4:  Allow 10-15 minutes for the cotton inside your coil to become fully saturated with e-liquid

    Step 5:  OPTIONAL - You can accelerate this process by either dripping a drop or two of e-liquid directly onto your coil through the chimney (*sub ohm tanks only) or use your fingers to block the airflow on your cartridge and take a few brief inhales on your cartridge to help pull the e-liquid into the cotton.

    After waiting 10-15 minutes, start off with slightly shorter puffs than normal (on a variable wattage device, it's recommended to also start off at a lower wattage than normal) and build your way up to your preferred wattage and inhale length.

    That's it.  Your coil should produce better flavor and last longer by following this short guide each time you install a new coil or cartridge.   

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