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  • What Are Level Up Vapor Nicotine Salts?
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What Are Level Up Vapor Nicotine Salts?

What Are Level Up Vapor Nicotine Salts?

Level Up Nicotine Salts at Elevated Vaping
Nicotine salts are up and coming in the vape world and for good reason. Nicotine salt eliquids are smoother tasting, easier to inhale, and are less likely to irritate. Simply put, nicotine salts are just a different type of processed nicotine. Typical eliquid utilizes freebase nicotine while nicotine salts occur naturally in tobacco and are derived from the tobacco leaf itself.
The beauty of nicotine salts are the devices that they're best suited for. The higher nicotine concentrations provide an immediate sense of satisfaction without the harshness. For optimum performance, use a low wattage and high resistance device such as the PHIX, Envii Fitt, JUUL or Suorin Air.
If you're looking for nicotine salt ejuice, we recommend Level Up Vapor nicotine salts. They create premium eliquids and use only the highest quality ingredients.
Here's a quick breakdown of Level Up nic salts top flavors:

Blue Raspberry

Although a blue raspberry is a figment of our imagination, if it existed, this would be the perfect rendition. Their Blue Raspberry nicotine salt ejuice is sweet and tart with a slight cooling effect. (non-menthol)


Sweet, delicious and fresh mango flavor in an amazing eliquid. This flavor is for the true tropical fruit fan!


Surprisingly mellow with just the right amount of sweetness, this Grape nicotine salt ejuice can easily become your next all day vape.

Juicy Pear

If you're looking for something a little on the sweeter side, try Juicy Pear. This is a candy-like fruit flavor that's similar to juicy pear jelly beans.

Minty Menthol

For all the menthol fans out there, Minty Menthol has you covered. This is a powerful cool mint menthol that will satisfy your menthol tastes.    
All of these flavors are available in 5% (or 50mg) nicotine strength. Check out all of Level Up Vapor nicotine salt ejuices in our shop at the Level Up Nicotine Salt collection page.  
  • David Repola
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