Whether you're looking for all of the greatest building accessories or the best batteries, we've got you covered. Everything from Samsung 25R 18650 batteriesCotton Bacon v2 Premium Vape Cotton, spare PHIX chargers and JUUL chargers or Chubby Gorilla bottles and more can be picked up here on our site today with FREE shipping!
The Aspire Breeze Starter Kit and Aspire Breeze Replacement Coils

Vaping Atomizers

Whether you're looking for a new sub-ohm tank, a fully-customizable RDA or just some cartridges for your closed system vape, we offer a wide variety of brands, models, and types to fit all vapers.  Want us to carry something that you don't see here? Visit our Contact Us page and leave a product recommendation today!

All of the best quality batteries are available here at Elevated Vaping for all of your vaping needs. Need to find an MXJO or a Nitecore but can't find it anywhere? We've got you covered! Keep in mind that these batteries are dangerous and the proper precautions should be used when using these products! Take a look at this battery safety image from Zamplebox and our Battery Safety Blog.


Beast Eliquids

Beast Eliquids at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

Beast Eliquids is a Southern California based eliquid manufacturer known around the world for their infamous flavors such as Cbra Spit, Tygr Spit and now...Pnda Spit.  Their theme is simple:  good, simple flavors with the perfect icy exhale.  Plus, they're some of the same people behind Naked 100 eliquids, so you know they're GREAT!  

About Beast E-Liquid

Whether you're a fan of fruity flavors, minty menthol flavors or something in between, you're sure to find a flavor you love with Beast eJuice.  If you're looking for something simple and well balanced, check out Cbra Spit; a fresh blend of juicy strawberries and menthol.  If you're looking for something a little more complex and unique, we'd recommend Pnda Spit; a refreshing blend of peaches and lychee followed up with a minty kick.

We have all of the best sellers for your vaping life. All of our number one pieces, e juice flavors, and exciting items are all in one place. Don't know what to purchase? These are the items that everyone has made the choice to buy and now you can get the chance to also buy these amazing products at great prices!
Blowout Sale, our biggest discounts EVER!

Bogan Brews from The Vaping Bogan

Bogan Brews from The Vaping Bogan at Elevated Vaping

From Sam, The Vaping Bogan:

G'day dickheads!

It's been harder than a choir boy in a porn shop, but I'm finally ready to launch my new juice line, Bogan Brews. I've spent many months tinkering away in the shed perfecting these brewskies and I reckon you lot will be fucken stoked. You could call it a premium juice line but we all know that's a bunch of promo waffle, so I'd just call them a fair dinkum bloody good vape. Have a Captain Cook at em below, grab yourself a handful of bottles, and don't forget to sub-ohm ya dick off

Coorong Cola, Fair Dinkum and Six 'n' Out are some of the most unique and well-balanced flavors we've ever had the pleasure of trying and if you asked us, we'd seriously recommend you try all three for yourself. 

Welcome to our box mod section! Here you'll find an assortment of hand-picked, high-quality box mods for all levels of enthusiasts.  Everything you see on our site, this page included, are devices that we at Elevated Vaping have personally tested and used ourselves, to ensure we only sell the best items on the market.   Whether you're looking for an entry-level, compact device like the SMOK Priv V8 or you wanna chuck clouds like there's no tomorrow with the SMOK GX350 Starter Kit...we've got you covered here, there and in-between.

Cannoli from Cassadaga Liquids

Cannoli Be One by Cassadaga Liquids at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

 Since 2011, John Nathan, the founder of Cassadaga Liquids, has been working to create some of the best e-liquid flavors in existence and he struck gold with his Cannoli e-liquid line.  In 2015, he began to bring some of his favorite flavors to market and gather feedback.  While working on a pastry flavor for months, an accidental miracle occurred. This happy accident became the foundation for the wildly popular and highly sought after Cannoli Be One. From there, people wanted more Cannoli in their lives so he followed that release up with Cannoli Be Mine, using his famous Cannoli base topped with fresh strawberries it was an instant classic.  Now, he's got Cannoli Be Reserve which is the legendary Cannoli base he invented topped off with rich and creamy chocolate...and the rest is history. 

The Cannoli line from Cassadaga Liquids featuring Cannoli Be One, Cannoli Be Mine and Cannoli Be Reserve all with FREE shipping!

Closed Systems at Elevated Vaping - Suorin Air, JUUL, PHIX, Envii FITT w/ FREE shipping


The GhoSTick, Suorin iShareSuorin Air, Envii FITT, PHIX, JUUL and more all with FREE shipping!

D'Nish Liquids at Elevated Vaping


Featuring D'Nish, D'Lish, Mosa and Churrocabra, why not try them all?

An assortment of our currently available dessert flavored e-liquids.    

Want us to carry a specific dessert flavor?  Let us know!

Fluffy E Liquid

In a far away unicorn castle sat a tattooed lady who sold e liquid for years. After never finding a cereal vape that she could vape all day, she decided to create a theme park treat. A rice crispy treat with cereal icing. Fluffy was born. 

Fluffy E Liquid encompasses great flavor, strong female role models with of course, tattoos. Each flavor is a different resemblance of the cereal flavors you know and love, swirled with cereal icing and marshmallow fluff. One of our best sellers and a fan favorite. 

Frisco Vapor 60ML

Frisco Vapor e-liquid at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

One of the newest additions to Elevated Vaping is Frisco Vapor from, you guessed it: San Francisco, CA.  Known around the industry as an iconic brand, Frisco Vapor does not disappoint.  We proudly carry 5 of their best flavors, all in 60ml unicorn bottles:  

Soma - Menthol with Melons and Strawberries on the exhale (65VG)

The Rock - Peach Earl Grey Tea (65VG)  BEST IN SHOW VAPE SUMMIT HOUSTON 2015

PowellFruity Pebble Rice Crispy Treat (65VG) 

Fillmore - Aged tobacco layered with honey. (65VG)

Sutro - Blueberry Oatmeal Cookie Dipped In Milk (65VG)



From Frisco Vapor: "Frisco Vapor is based out of San Francisco, California. Our flavors are designed to be different than everything else on the market. Layered experiences with unique flavor combinations are what you can expect. Since 2013, Frisco Vapor has won three best in show awards in the United States and the United Kingdom. Our manufacturing standards are also among the highest in the industry with ISO 7 clean room, GMP compliant and AEMSA certification.

An assortment of our currently available Fruit Flavored E-Liquids.    

Want us to carry a specific Fruit Flavored E-Liquid?  Let us know!

GhoSTick Starter Kit and Replacement Pods

A collection of all things Goon related at Elevated Vaping!

Grimm KVLT eliquid at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

GrimmKVLT was invented by the world-renowned Grimm Green and manufactured by the legends over at Namberjuice.  These flavors were meticulously crafted by a guy who literally vapes for a living, so you know these flavors are no joke DELICIOUS.   

60ml bottles of the Grimm KVLT line at Elevated Vaping!


THRST and HUNGR are two brands created from a labor of love and dedication from a manufacturer that we highly respect.  Starting in St Louis, Missouri, Gentry Matthews started THRST in 2014 and his products have pioneered the vaping industry ever since. With their incredibly balanced flavor profiles, gorgeous product designs, and a passion for quality, THRST and HNGR have created a cult like following. When we first saw their branding in Las Vegas, we were immediately impressed and once we tried their flavors, we knew it was a done deal.  It's time to show our Elevated Customers what we've known for years, #THETHRSTISREAL. 

Strawberry, Grape and Raspberry JAM 60mls
Jam Monster 100ml e-liquid at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

Jam Monster 100ML

Jam Monster e-liquid 100ML from SS Vape Brands is one of the best ejuice lines on the market today.  Jam Monster e-liquid offers an array of delicious flavors for cloud chasers and casual vapers alike.  This e-liquid is proudly made in the USA and with the highest quality e-liquid ingredients.  Now you can get all of your favorite Jam Monster e-liquid flavors in one place, for a great price, and with FREE shipping.  What's not to love?  Try some of the Jam Monster e-liquid flavors below!

What is Jam Monster eLiquid?

Jam Monster eJuice is best described as the flavor of a warm piece of toast with melted butter topped off with either Fresh Strawberry, Crisp Apple, Sweet Blueberry or even Concord Grape Jam.  This stuff is truly unique in flavor profile and the vaping experience it provides.  So, if you're looking for a flavor that's the ideal hybrid of a fruity and desserty flavor, look no further than Jam Monster! 

Jazzy Boba eliquid at Elevated Vaping

Jazzy Boba E-Liquid

Jazzy Boba E Liquid has changed the way of vaping in an absolute way and being one of the very first shops to carry this flavor, we are still excited about it to this day. This e liquid is probably the biggest flavor line in the industry at this moment and the hype is definitely warranted. With the unique intricacies that encompasses all that is this line, we can proudly say that the Jazzy Boba is one of the best selling e liquids on our site of all time. 


With the second flavor Dewwy Boba from the Jazzy Boba line and the third flavor Manggo Boba, we are in heaven and we can bet that you will be too. Plus, we now carry Thai Boba AND, all of these flavors are now available in brand new 60ML bottles.  We are very proud to have the original Jazzy Boba line in our shop and will continue to be stoked for all flavors boba related, new and existing. 

JUUL Vapor at Elevated Vaping

JUUL was designed with smokers in mind with an ultra-portable design, simple interface and ease of use, it's no wonder why the JUUL has exploded in popularity.  Whether you're looking for a new device or some replacement pods, we have you covered.  We proudly offer Mango, Mint, Tobacco and Brulee pods in addition to the JUUL Basic Kit and JUUL USB Chargers for all of your JUUL needs.

The King Line from Kings Crest



Kings Crest ejuice at Elevated Vaping 


King's Crest E-Liquid


The winner of, "Best in Show,"  at Vape Summit in Houston for their amazing flavor, Duchess, is here at Elevated Vaping! The e-liquid line, King's Crest, will re-create everything you thought you knew with unique flavor profiles!!

More than seven months ago, Manny and Drew, two vaping community experts, decided that their passion was to create handcrafted and perfected flavor profiles and King's Crest was born. Previously working for a local vape shop, the two partners banned together and created the beginning of King's Crest: Don Juan and Duchess. They were surprised by how well their flavors were received.

After a few months of working together, they added a third partner, Ben to the mix where they continued to grow their line into the full array of six flavors. Then Vape Summit arrived, and these incredible juice makers won, "Best in Show," for their flavor, Duchess. Although Duchess won best in show, don't be fooled; each flavor stands alone from King's Crest, and each one will be your next all day vape.  

Premium E-Liquids at Elevated Vaping

Here at Elevated Vaping, we pride ourselves on offering a mix of hard-to-find e-liquids and super popular e-liquids alike, so that we can be your one-stop online vape shop.  Whether you're a cloud chaser looking for some High VG Jam Monster or you're a closed system user looking for some Level Up Nicotine Salts...or just somewhere in between, we know we have some e-juice that you're sure to love!

Note:  If you don't find something you love, suggest a product that we should carry by using our Contact Us page!

Some of the brands we offer include:

Naked 100 e-liquid

Space Jam e-liquid

Jazzy Boba e-liquid

BEAST e-liquid

Frisco Vapor e-liquid

and MANY more...

The best place on the internet to find premium eliquid at heavily discounted prices.  As usual, all orders include FREE shipping in the U.S and everything we sell is 100% authentic.  Check back often for one of a kind pricing on some serious good stuff!

An assortment of our currently available Menthol Flavored E-Liquids.     

Want us to carry a specific Menthol Flavored E-Liquid?  Let us know!

Vaping Mods

Mods, mods, mods! We love our mods! We at Elevated Vaping are always looking for the best equipment for your vaping needs! We are collectors of new pieces and therefore we always try to help you as well! Whether you're looking for starter kits, high-end box mods, or the most popular craze, we've got you covered!  


Looking for a great vaping starter kit? Check out the SMOK G-Priv 2 230W Starter Kit

Looking for something super compact and portable?  Check out the Suorin Drop

Looking to chuck clouds like never before?  Pick up a SMOK GX350 350W Starter Kit

The Munchies Collection available at Elevated Vaping with free shipping.
Must Vape eliquid at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

Must Vape E Liquid

Must Vape is a premium ejuice company that crafts their product in Los Angeles. Let's just start by saying that Must Vape is an incredible juice line with ridiculously smooth flavors that are unlike any other flavors you have tried. Starting back in April of 2013, Must Vape since has been hailed across the vaping community as a high-end masterpiece of fantastic flavors!


Must Vape presents a wide array of perfectly crafted flavors that you really won't be able to believe. These juice line owners take their time with their flavors; they won't create a new flavor until it is 100% on point. Time after time, taste after taste, these juice makers will craft flavors that you won't be able to believe. From Pencil; a pear crisp with vanilla ice cream, to Handlebar; a peach pineapple margarita with creamy undertones, Must Vape creates sensational flavors that you definitely want to get your hands on.

Naked 100 e-liquid at Elevated Vaping


Naked 100 E-Liquid is the world class and world famous line-up of delicious fruity blends that combine expertly blended flavor profiles with USA Vape Lab's cutting-edge manufacturing. 

Indulge in delicious natural fruit flavors like Lava Flow, Green Blast, All Melon and Hawaiian POG; creamy fruit flavors like Go Nanas, Azul Berries, and Naked Unicorn; or try some refreshing menthol flavors like Frost Bite, Very Cool and Brain Freeze.  Whichever you choose, you're sure to fall in love. 

 All Naked 100 e-liquids are available in 60ml bottles in 0, 3, and 6mg nicotine strengths.

  • All Melon is the fusion of the three most delicious melons known to mankind. Start with an inhale of mouthwatering Watermelon tempered with rich, sweet Cantaloupe that finally ends with the ripe and bright Honeydew, this is an exquisite combination that leaves all other melon flavors far, far behind.
  • Green Blast pairs honeydew sweetness with the juicy, fresh tartness of fresh kiwi, finishing with a crispness of a granny smith apple that results in a fruit experience unlike any you've ever had!
  • Hawaiian POG brings the tropics right to your taste buds, presenting a smooth, refreshing and delicious blend of freshly squeezed Orange juice, Passion Fruit's delightfully sweet and tart nectar, and exotically fruity and creamy Guava. Delicious down to the very last drop, Hawaiian POG is truly the year-round vape for those looking for a perfectly balanced flavor.
  • Lava Flow provides an escape to that tropical island on your screen's background within two puffs. This delicious tropical flavor combination of fresh strawberries, with coconut, and pineapple intoxicate the senses and seduce the taste buds. Naked 100 E-Liquid is not responsible for any limbo dancing that ensues, or the desire to run your toes through sand.
  • Azul Berries is seductively smooth and creamy, presenting an exquisite flavor consisting of juicy and ripe Blueberry and a subtle undertone of Raspberry mixed with a creamy blend specifically crafted to bring out and accentuate this delicious mixed berry flavor.
  • Go Nanas is a tasty combination of a rich, sweet cream base topped with slices of rich and sweet Banana. Smooth, light yet supremely tasty, Go Nanas is the go-to banana flavor on the market.
  • Naked Unicorn takes the world famous heritage of Naked 100's fruity e-liquids and blends a sweet, juicy, and out of this world strawberry blend with the smoothest creams to present a perfect balance of notes.
  • Brain Freeze is refreshing on a whole new level, featuring perfectly ripe Strawberries and crisp Kiwi, backed with subtle yet complex Ruby Red Pomegranate essence, all served ice cold.
  • Frost Bite is the perfect tropical refreshment, taking sweet and tart Pineapple, rich Cantaloupe, and smooth Honeydew slices blending them into an ultra-satisfying fruity frozen concoction.
  • Very Cool takes freshly picked Blueberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries, flash freezes them, blend them, and drizzle a little bit of honey on top. Very Cool is as amazing as it sounds, with a sweet and tangy profile layered with refreshing notes of ice.


    Naked 100 Salt - Nicotine Salts e-liquid at Elevated Vaping

    Naked 100 Salt 30ml eJuices

    Naked 100 has done it again!  Now introducing the same, awesome Naked 100 flavors you know and love...but in special nicotine salt formulations for closed system devices.  Now, whether you're chucking clouds or stealth vaping, you can keep enjoying your favorite Naked 100 flavors without lapse.  

    Naked 100 Salt E-Liquid is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank/RDA systems. Naked 100 Salt E-Liquid is intended for small form factor, fillable pod systems. 

    Alpha, Must Vape, Space Jam E Juice, Snak Pak, King's Crest E Liquid at Elevated Vaping

    Feast your eyes on our collection of new and popular devices, eliquid, accessories and more!  We are always updating this list to include all of our newest offerings from all corners of the vape community, so be sure to check back often and stay in the loop.  We hope you find something new and exciting that you love and get to enjoy.  Remember, we're always happy to help you out so if you ever have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail through the contact us form.  Everything you find here is priced competitively and is eligible for FREE domestic shipping too!

    Nicotine Salt eLiquids

    We scoured the Earth in order to find the best possible Nicotine Salt e-liquids for you, and we've neatly organized them below for easy shopping.  In today's day and age, more and more people are converting over to closed system style devices that are designed for use with Nicotine Salt e-liquids, and we want to do our best to stay on the forefront of this vaping evolution by offering new and relevant e-liquids for you.  

    Whether you're looking for a simple, straightforward flavor like Mango from Level Up Vapor or you want something refreshing and complex like Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Salt, we've got you covered from all angles.

    We scoured the Earth in order to find the best possible Nicotine Salt e-liquids for you, and we've neatly organized them below for easy shopping.  In today's day and age, more and more people are converting over to closed system style devices that are designed for use with Nicotine Salt e-liquids, and we want to do our best to stay on the forefront of this vaping evolution by offering new and relevant e-liquids for you.  

    Whether you're looking for a simple, straightforward flavor like Mango from Level Up Vapor or you want something refreshing and complex like Brain Freeze by Naked 100 Salt, we've got you covered from all angles.

    Nicotine Salts from Level Up Vapors

    Nicotine Salts from Level Up Vapor

    Nicotine Salts from Level Up Vapor: Our nicotine salts e-juice is made for lower wattage, higher resistance devices such as the PHIX, Envii Fitt, Suorin Air, and JUUL.  Nicotine salts allow for higher concentrations of nicotine without the harshness that would normally be associated with high nicotine strengths. We absolutely do not advise using these in sub-ohm setups. Please see any of our other juices for your sub-ohm needs. Size: 30ml glass bottle. Ratios of our nic-salts are 70/30 (VG/PG).

    These are 50mg or 5% nicotine and available in Grape, Juicy Pear, Mango, Minty Menthol and Blue Raspberry flavors. 

    Looking for the best vaping equipment and accessories on sale? Well, look no further because we have some amazing pieces here for you at unbeatable prices! Maybe you're looking for batteries or a new mod? Well, scroll through our list of, "On Sale Now," inventory and you will most definitely find what you are looking for!

    Phix from MLV at Elevated Vaping



    The PHIX from MLV is now available at Elevated Vaping with free shipping on all orders. When we first started trying out different closed system devices the Phix was on our list of devices we really wanted to try. After spending a week with it we decided it's a must have and sits in our pockets or on our desks most of the time. We absolutely love the fact that the pods have more liquid than competitors and the battery lasts longer. The pods are magnetic which also means they are going to fit easily every time. The charger that is included with their kit is great too, also featuring a magnetized slot. It has a long cord that allows you to charge the device anywhere you go. 

    Definitely, if you're on the fence, pick one up and see why it's our favorite!!!

    Pods and Cartridges

    Welcome to our pods and cartridges menu, a place that we've set aside for just closed system pods and cartridges for easy shopping!  Whether you're looking for a pack of JUULpods or three spare Suorin Air replacement cartridges, we got you. 

    Want us to carry a brand of pods or cartridges that we don't already?  Use the product suggestion tool on our Contact Us page to let us know you want it!


    Your one stop shop for the best vaping cotton and coils in the game.
    We have all kinds of drippers to choose from! The very best rebuildable atomizers like the Petri V2 by Dot Mod, the Recoil RDA by Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC and the Goon 24mm RDA are available and here for you to take your pick! These pieces are beautiful, extremely popular, and completely customizable with different colors and add ons.

    Reds Apple eJuice at Elevated Vaping


    Vape 7 Daze E-Liquid was founded in late 2013 in Los Angeles, California.  After approximately a year of formulating, they released in October of 2014. Since then, they’ve set out to create complex and delicious flavors that are simply unmatched. 7 Daze handcrafts all of their products using the highest quality USP Kosher Food Grade PG/VG. Their premium e-liquids are made with NicSelect Nicotine.

    Reds Apple eJuice and Reds Apple ICED eJuice and now Grape Reds Apple eJuice and Grape Reds ICED Apple eJuice 60mls by 7 Daze with FREE shipping!

    Replacement Coils and Pods

    Here at Elevated Vaping, we try our best to carry a wide variety of replacement coils, cartridges, and pods to keep you vaping without lapse.  So, whether you need some coils for your TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank, you just need a spare cartridge for your Suorin Drop, or you want to stock up on pods for your JUUL, we have you covered.  As with everything on our site, you can rest assured that all of our coils, cartridges, and pods are 100% authentic and are always eligible for FREE shipping.   Check out what we offer below and visit our Contact Us page to suggest any new coils or pods you'd like us to carry.

    The Space Jam flavors you know and love, remixed into a delicious High VG blend for maximum smoothness and vapor production.  Plus, a few new flavors you haven't seen before!

    Available in 30ml and 60ml bottles in select flavors/strengths.  

    Space Jam Juice - ejuice e-liquid at Elevated Vaping w/ FREE shipping


    Founded in Orange County, CA Space Jam Juice is the finest, handcrafted E-Liquid company in the United States. Space Jam has pioneered the ultimate line of unique juice that has layers upon layers of pure intricacy. You will easily find an all day vape in any of their multitudes of juices. Space Jam E-Liquid has been known for over two years to be the best in business (and even the vaping universe).


    Since 2012, Space Jam eliquid has created the ultimate vaping experience before there was a time when intricate flavorings in e juice were relatively unknown. Because of their revolutionary flavors and continuous strides toward the vaping community, Space Jam e juice continues to blow minds. They pride themselves on the complexities and subtleties of their flavors, highest quality and even natural extracts whenever possible. We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy them with us!


    Whether you're a fan of Andromeda (a creamy blend of pomegranates and blueberries), Astro (a refreshing mix of apples, strawberries and juicy peaches), Pluto (delicious melon bubblegum with hint of mint), Eclipse (a Cavendish tobacco with sweet vanilla custard), Meteor Milk (an out of this world strawberry milkshake), Parsec (a mango, orange and cream smoothie), Yamato (an enchanting blueberry muffin), or Starhunter ( a fresh blend of peaches and lemonade) Space Jam Juice and Elevated Vaping have got you covered.

    We always find ourselves saying this, "Where were these amazing starting kits when we were quitting smoking?" These amazing starter kits are truly revolutionizing the vaping game. With the new Vaporesso Revenger X Starter Kit that hit the market, it seems like all the best starter kits keep flooding in. The new SMOK Priv V8 is a great example of a starter kit mod that has revolutionized the art of beginning vaping. What used to be an expensive hobby has now become a truly affordable lifestyle.  The starter kits give the best throat hit, flavor, and cloud production possible. All of these mod setups are incredibly impressive and of the utmost affordability with FREE domestic shipping on all orders all of the time!

    Suorin Air v2 at Elevated Vaping


    The Suorin Air is a wildly popular new closed system style vaping device designed to be ultra-portable and extremely easy to use.  Featuring 2ml refillable cartridges for full flavor customization, the Suorin Air is a must have!

    The Suorin Drop is the newest addition to the Suorin Vape family from Bluemark Tech.  Boasting a sleek, water-drop shape and easily refillable 2ml cartridges, this is the vape for you if you're looking for something small, portable and easy to use.


    Suorin Drop vape from Bluemark Tech at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

    Tank systems are the newest up and coming generation of vaping hardware. We have only the best tank systems in the vaping community that you can use for all of your best e-juices that you absolutely love. Whether you're looking for the famous Aspire Cleito 120 sub-ohm tank or the all new TFV8 Cloud Beast, you can find the ultimate tank systems that are hitting the vaping community with a bang. These tanks are the revolution of vaping and we are excited to share all of these systems with you at some great prices.

    The Hype Collection from Propaganda E-Liquid

    The Hype Collection from Propaganda E-Liquid at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

    The Hype Collection by Propaganda E-Liquid is a fan-favorite assortment of uniquely delicious ejuice.  Whether you're looking for a Blue Slushee, Strawberry Shortcake and/or Mixed Cotton Candy in a 60ml bottle, we have you covered with FREE shipping

    The Story of Propaganda E-Liquid 

    Back in 2014, Propaganda E-Liquid was founded by two young entrepreneurs with about $200 worth of ingredients and a dream.  The founders, DeNuccio and Bull began experimenting with flavors and blends in DeNuccios parents' kitchen sink.  His parents wanted to support their son AND protect their sink, so they took a leap of faith and loaned him $5,000 to jumpstart the business...a move which has now more than been paid back in full.   Propaganda E-Liquid credits the majority of their colossal success to an ultra-aggressive marketing campaign that took them to every major e-cigarette convention across the entire country, where they distribute samples and meet with as many people and businesses as possible.  In addition to their worldwide customer base, they provide each shop with a supply of Propaganda marketing materials including posters, shirts, hats, stickers and much more.  

    Propagandas edgy name and marketing strategy, coupled with a cool tagline "Join the revolution!" and distinctively designed packaging have earned Propaganda an incredibly dominant position in an ever-expanding market with ample competition.  

    The Salt Collection from Propaganda eLiquid   

    Propaganda eLiquid has done it again, this time introducing a line of complex and delicious nicotine salts for your closed system and pod style devices.

    Blue Slushee - an ice cold blue raspberry slushee

    Wild Fire - a chocolate almond cookie with notes of sweet tobacco

    Illuminati - a refreshing blood orange with sweet undertones of strawberry and pineapple

    Cookie Butter - a warm oatmeal cookie dipped in cold milk 

    Editors Note

    We've used just about every kind of vape device from 200w box mods to the JUUL and everything in-between, and as avid vapers, we've gravitated towards the daily use of refillable closed systems like the Suorin Air and Suorin Drop

    We're excited to offer more products from Propaganda considering how much we love The Hype Collection and now that we can have Blue Slushee in our Suorin Drops...we're happy campers. 

    An assortment of the tobacco flavored e-liquid options we currently have available.    

    Have a flavor you want us to carry?  Let us know!

    We've got all of the best tube mods in the business. Whether you're looking for the all new Rig Mod V3 from Vape AMP, or the Dotmod Petri V2, you can find them all here! Everything you could ever want when it comes to mods, accessories for those mods, atomizers, or tank systems, we've got it all!