Alpha Vape



Alpha Vape is a hand crafted juice that has some seriously unique flavors in their line up. Starting in Southern California from founder, Sam, Alpha Vape was born after months of homemade concoctions took off with his friends. Who knew that Alpha Vape would turn into such a phenomenon in the vaping community? We definitely saw it coming, and we are so proud to carry this amazing flavor line in our shop for as long as we have.

The mixtures that Alpha Vape has constructed are somewhat mind blowing because they incorporate ingredients that most people would never expect. With flavors like: Mr. Miyagi which is papaya and plum, and Miss White that incorporates dragon fruit, raspberry and tea, Alpha Vape has created each amazing flavor that creates a great juice line. These flavors are intriguing, light, sweet, and juicy all in their own separate ways.


Alpha Vape has been known for years to be the creators of fruit-centric flavors that combine the uniqueness candied fruits that you would never guess; all of which will blow your mind and keep you wanting more in every way. The thing that we do love about Alpha Vape is that all of these candied flavors are fresh and enlightening to the palette.


These e juice flavors are candiedly sweet, and yet perfectly blended in a way that we can't truly explain. Each juice has serious complexity that we find a pleasure to vape and we know you will too. These flavors will be your next all day vape and we really thinkg that you've gotta try this stuff.

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