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Beard Vape Co. started by two brothers: Brady and Casey Bates. Starting off in the industry first by working in a vape shop in Venice, California, the two brothers knew that they could create an exceptional product and re-create a new market niche in vaping. That is when Beard Vape Co., the iconic brand with the unique labeling that the we know and love, was born.   


Bardy and Casey created over 100 flavors, all with serial numbers to identify which flavor was which and tested them tirelessly. When they narrowed down the massive amounts of flavors they had created and finished the lineup with: No. 51, No. 64, and No. 71. Knowing that they needed a brand that people would recognize, they designed the ultimate logo with the ultimate name: Beard Vape Co. was born. With their recognizable labeling, their commitment to excellence and all things quality, we are proud to carry a line that focuses on greatness. 

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