Bogan Brews

Bogan Brews from The Vaping Bogan

Bogan Brews from The Vaping Bogan at Elevated Vaping

From Sam, The Vaping Bogan:

G'day dickheads!

It's been harder than a choir boy in a porn shop, but I'm finally ready to launch my new juice line, Bogan Brews. I've spent many months tinkering away in the shed perfecting these brewskies and I reckon you lot will be fucken stoked. You could call it a premium juice line but we all know that's a bunch of promo waffle, so I'd just call them a fair dinkum bloody good vape. Have a Captain Cook at em below, grab yourself a handful of bottles, and don't forget to sub-ohm ya dick off

Coorong Cola, Fair Dinkum and Six 'n' Out are some of the most unique and well-balanced flavors we've ever had the pleasure of trying and if you asked us, we'd seriously recommend you try all three for yourself.