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    Disposables Vapes and Ecigs

    Disposable Vapes & Juul™ Compatible Pods Collection

    It’s time to switch to a disposable vape if you’ve been relying on Juul devices and other portable vaping devices. Recent FDA policy changes have banned cartridge and pod-style vapes other than tobacco or menthol-flavored options. If you want a reliable way to take your favorite flavors with you wherever you go, it’s time to transition to these simple disposable vape pens and Juul™ compatible pods. Stock up on your favorite flavors and make sure you can keep chucking clouds.


    The Biggest Trend In Vaping

    There’s a reason pod devices became so popular. Simple-to-use and available in a wide range of flavors, they let vapers take control of what and how they vaped. With the new FDA policy, the focus has shifted to disposable Juul™ compatible pods and vape pens that offer similar flavor versatility and even less effort. While you can’t swap the flavors in the device like you could with Juuls™, these disposable Juul™ alternatives are affordable enough that you can have a pen for each of your favorites and extras to make sure you don’t run out.

    We carry a selection of disposable pens from the top manufacturers in the business, many of which made some of the most popular Juul™ compatible pods prior to the new FDA policy. These are high-quality, draw-fired vapes that give you reliable performance, but without the filling, charging, or pod-swapping you’re used to. Simply vape until it’s empty, toss it, then open a new one and you’re ready-to-go.

    The Latest Vaping Gear

    The vaping world is always changing, but you can count on us to keep offering the latest hot devices on the market. Order your favorite disposable Juul™ compatible pods and vape pens before 2 PM CST, and we’ll ship the same day. We’ll even cover shipping for you on orders over $29.99. Contact our customer service team with any questions and they’ll get you the product information you need to find the right vape for you. Order your disposable vape pens online from Elevated Vaping today.