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    Jam Monster 100ML

    Jam Monster 100ml e-liquid at Elevated Vaping with FREE shipping

    Jam Monster e-liquid 100ML from SS Vape Brands is one of the best ejuice lines on the market today.  Jam Monster e-liquid offers an array of delicious flavors for cloud chasers and casual vapers alike.  This e-liquid is proudly made in the USA and with the highest quality e-liquid ingredients.  Now you can get all of your favorite Jam Monster e-liquid flavors in one place, for a great price, and with FREE shipping.  What's not to love?  Try some of the Jam Monster e-liquid flavors below!

    What is Jam Monster eLiquid?

    Jam Monster eJuice is best described as the flavor of a warm piece of toast with melted butter topped off with either Fresh Strawberry, Crisp Apple, Sweet Blueberry or even Concord Grape Jam.  This stuff is truly unique in flavor profile and the vaping experience it provides.  So, if you're looking for a flavor that's the ideal hybrid of a fruity and desserty flavor, look no further than Jam Monster!