About Us

Our Mission:

"To consistently provide the best customer service, products and pricing across the vaping industry."

How our story began:

When he was thirteen years old, our founder Chris started smoking cigarettes, like many other teens. Years passed and he found himself married with two beautiful girls that were five and six... and he was still smoking. Chris had tried to quit repeatedly over the years, using most of the available avenues, and nothing seemed to truly kick his addiction. Desperate for a solution, he tried the Enjoi E Cigarette, on the recommendation of a friend at the end of 2012. Although it wasn't as enjoyable as he would have liked, it was the first time that he found something actually working for him.

 “This was the first time that I felt confident about quitting. You know, there were so many times before that I would look at the girls and think, ‘This time is going to be different; I have to do this for them,’ and unfortunately it never was. But with vaping, I felt a pure surge of confidence and I knew it was going to be different this time,” -Chris.

As his interest in this product grew, he found a whole new world before him; the world of vaping. It was at this point that Chris ran into a new obstacle: Finding high quality products to support this huge step, that were readily available, proved to be quite difficult. He found that the online vaping shops weren’t harnessing all of what he knew the vaping community wanted. He realized that creating a full service website where quality, diligence, and variety were the cornerstones, was the key to not only his problem, but thousands of other avid vapers worldwide. 

“Of course it was an intimidating venture, I can’t say that it wasn’t. Here I was a guy that was operating a successful business for eight years, that really had nothing to do with vaping, but I felt passionate about it. It kinda felt like it was something I had to do,” -Chris. 

In April of 2013, Elevated Vaping officially launched under the idea to cater to the broad lifestyle of vaping, and offer all of the best products under one online roof. 

Our Beliefs

Elevated Vaping strongly believes that vaping is not just a hobby, it is a trending lifestyle that promotes the health of all those who use it. That belief drives us to bring to you, our customer, a large variety of the highest quality products and accessories to help you in promoting your own lifestyle goals and pleasures, while still allowing you the freedom to express yourself as an individual. We promise that along with quality, we will bring you expediency, amazing customer service, and the ultimate satisfaction. 

Why you can trust Elevated Vaping

Elevated Vaping is a company that focuses completely on customer satisfaction, so we strive to always give you the best! This is what we have to offer you:

  • A wide variety of exclusive products that can’t be found anywhere else
  • Awesome rewards program
  • High level of security for credit card checkout. We never have access to credit card information.
  • Same day shipping (before 2:00 pm PST)
  • International shipping: typically ships within one business day
  • Excellent customer service


If at any time, you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking "Contact Us" tab on the left side of our screen or get in touch with us on social media!