The Standard

Cell Block Four

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The Standard

Cell Block Four

Cell Block Four has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 49 reviews.


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Creme Brulee cake with hints of citrus.

30ML Bottle

Notes from Elevated Vaping:

Arguably the most well-known and most well-loved of all the juices that come from Saveurvape. While this flavor hovers somewhere in the extended family of custard flavors, Cell Block 4 (more commonly known as CB4) is in a class of its own.

On the inhale, CB4 has the slightest of citrus undertones that can easily be missed if you wrap yourself up in the creamy vanilla of the liquid. Also, unlike many custards, CB4 is one a "sweet" vape. That is to say, it's more of a dessert flavor than some custards which tone down on the sweetness to provide a flavor that's more vapeable any time of the day.

That said, CB4 was my all-day vape for a solid two months. It's an easy flavor to deal with compared to many custards as all of the flavors meld together very well. In addition, it's an easy flavor to forget you're vaping - in a good way. It's simultaneously calms that sweet tooth and provides a wonderfully-crafted, full-fullbodied flavor in a flavor profile that commonly misses the mark.

As it is with many juices from Saveurvape, this one gets better with age. I'd say it peaks sometime between one and two months. Cell Block 4 is arguably one of the best flavors in The Standard line of juices, and every vaper should try it. Like me, you may get lost in it for a couple months.

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