The Standard

Curious Jorge

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The Standard

Curious Jorge

Curious Jorge has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 32 reviews.


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From the vendor: You guessed correctly. Curious Jorge is Banana and Banana

Size: 30ML

***This liquid will absolutely destroy plastic and makrolon tanks***

Notes from Elevated Vaping:

This is what I would call the most insane flavor in The Standard line of juices from Saveurvape. It's banana alright. It's also candied banana. And then even more banana. In short, this thing is not screwing around. You want banana vape, you buy Curious Jorge. It's that simple.

What's fun about this juice, however, is that it's not "just" banana. People who have vaped it at length will tell you there's a slight, but measurable, creaminess to it. Also, a fantastic undertone of crisp sugar. I don't want to call it "caramelized" but I wouldn't hesitate to call it "slightly torched." The end product is a fantastic sort of dessert-esque banana that even a monkey would lose themselves over.

But we're not monkeys, well I guess we are, maybe not, (this just got a little surreal), we're people. And sometimes you just want a very specific flavor, and that flavor is banana. A personal tip: I absolutely adore this flavor alongside a lighter coffee - the actual drink, not another eliquid. I'm not sure why, but it satisfies a craving I didn't know existed.

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