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The Standard


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From the vendor: Kiwi Marshmallow and lots of goodness.

Size: 30ML

Notes from Elevated Vaping:

There are two standout flavors in The Standard line from Saveurvape that are loved by nearly everyone who tries them: Cell Block Four (or CB4) and Frankenvape. The usual problem you'll run into with any juice whose primary flavor is Kiwi is an overwhelming sweetness on the inhale and an over-exaggerated tartness on the exhale.

Frankenvape dulls this effect with the creamy, what they call marshmallowy, undertone. Pleasant on both the inhale and exhale, there's really no other juice quite like it on the market. As far as we know, it's actually the only predominately kiwi flavored juice that has universal appeal and no one has really come close to matching it.

It also has the benefit of getting even better with age, so its always worth going back to. If you haven't tried any of the juices from The Standard, this is a great place to start. Even though it's sweet, it's an easy juice to enjoy all day long.

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