The Standard

Irie Nights

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The Standard

Irie Nights

Irie Nights has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 11 reviews.


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Jamaican rum and brown sugar party

30ML Bottle


Notes from Elevated Vaping:

Here, Saveurvape brings us a more obscure juice to pin down. While it's described as a Rum and Brown Sugar 'party' - the actual flavor is a bit more complex. The rum is definitely there, but the brown sugar adds a certain something that very few other juices have. You want to put your finger on it... but can't.

Irie Nights is a polarizing juice. The folks that love it absolutely love it. While it's opponents are as fervent as them. At the end of the day, it's a juice you most definitely want to have given a shot. It's not overwhelming and it will be unique among all your juices. The flavor is a subtle, complex ray of happiness from your vaporizer.

A final note, this is one of those flavors where the level of nicotine is relevant. As nicotine adds a certain amount of pepper-esque flavor to any juice, this one is no exception. It may even be more pronounced here. 0MG tastes wildly different than 18mg. I've found 6MG or 12MG to be the sweet spot, and it's probably even better if you mix them together for 9MG. Either way, grab some today, it could very well be the flavor you were looking for and you didn't even know.

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