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Page Six

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BluePrint Vapor

Page Six

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From the vendor: Smooth green tea raspberry with hints of citrus and creamy finish!

Size: 30ML

Notes from Elevated Vaping:

Most of the time, "tea" flavored vapes have a bit of a kick in the teeth on the front due to the raw strength of the flavor itself. Many describe them as "intense." Page Six, while a little intense, has that sort of bite dulled to a pleasing level with the addition of raspberry.

On the inhale you're going to get the flavor of green tea on the nose and that sort of mouth "feel" of the tang you get when eating fresh strawberries. On the exhale though, you get something completely different. a kind of citrus-y, raspberry finish with the slightest hint of cream. While it is clearly a complex juice, due to the strength of all of the flavors involved, it's more readily identifiable than most juices that people call "complex."

The flavors in this particular Saveurvape line all combine beautifully to create a completely unique flavor in the marketplace. Sure, there are tea vapes - and sure, there are raspberry vapes as well. But there's no combination of tea, raspberry and cream that tastes quite like this one.


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